Financial Reports

Please see below for available audited financial statements and annual 990 tax statements.

Audited Financial Statements

Why so many names?

We know it can get confusing seeing the many names that all come together to form Promise Community Homes. We hope this makes it easier:

Rainbow Village Properties Inc, is the primary operating entity that now goes by the name Promise Community Homes. The vast majority of our non-HUD programs and services live under this name.
Rainbow Village Foundation is the name used for our small endowment created to provide ongoing support for our mission.
Rainbow Village Inc, sometimes referred to as Rainbow Village I, is actually our original and oldest entity. It now operates the majority of our HUD programs and services through our on-campus circle homes.
Rainbow Village II Inc encompasses all of our off-campus, HUD funded homes.
Rainbow Village III Inc is the entity that operates through our remaining on-campus, non-circle homes.

While there may be different names, EINs, and annual tax documents, each of the five entities listed above are led by the same passionate staff and important mission. Together, these organizations are Promise Community Homes.

Still confused? Please feel free to reach out to We’d be happy to offer more explanation