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Becoming a Resident

There are several steps to becoming a resident. Learn more about the process below.

Become a Resident

When an adult with a disability is looking for a safe, affordable home, they first approach the state for a Medicaid waiver. They then choose a provider agency to supply needed care. Finally, together with their family and agency, Promise Community Homes shares availability of our homes. Typically, residents have up to three housemates.

Also typically, a resident will age in place, with home modifications attended to by our maintenance team. We are proud to provide the foundational need of housing, for life.

Regional Office Contact Info

Please check with your regional office to learn more about a Promise Community Home in your county.

St. Louis County
St. Louis County Regional Office

(314) 587-4800
1 (800) 374-6458

St. Louis County Satellite Office

(314) 475-7600

St. Louis City
St. Louis Regional Tri-County Office

(314) 244-8800
1 (800) 358-7665

Jefferson County
Jefferson County Office

(636) 931-5720

St. Louis Regional Tri-County Office

(314) 244-8800
1 (800) 358-7665

St. Charles County
St. Charles County Office

(636) 926-1200
(636) 926-1220

St. Louis Regional Tri-County Office

(314) 244-8800
1 (800) 358-7665

Serving Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Find a Home

Interested in Finding a Home?

If you are interested in locating a home for an adult with a developmental disability in and around the St. Louis area, help is available.

Your first step is to contact the appropriate office from those list above. As you begin your journey, we encourage you to contact IDDHelp at 877-256-2202. Knowledgeable IDD Community Connectors are specialists that will help you navigate this multi-part process. IDDHelp is free, confidential, and available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

If you have additional questions fill out the Contact form and we’ll try our best to help.

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