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There are plenty of terms, acronyms, and phrases that are used today to describe who we serve and what we do. As the language around developmental disabilities and affordable housing changes, we want to keep you in the know!

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“Community living” allows people with developmental and other disabilities to live as independently as possible within the community with the help of various services and supports. Community living is a needed alternative to institutions, substandard housing, or nursing homes as a last or only resort.

If you are interested in locating a home for an individual with a developmental disability in and around the St. Louis area, click here.

A developmental disability manifests during the developmental stage of life (before the age of 22), and includes Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other intellectual disabilities. People with developmental disabilities have functional limitations. There is no cure for developmental disabilities.

Promise Community is a non-profit organization that has been enhancing the quality of life for people with IDD since 1973 by purchasing, renovating, and maintaining houses in the community where residents can live and age in place. Promise Community Homes exclusively provides safe, affordable, and well-maintained neighborhood homes. Our residents receive services from one of our 18 partnering support service providers. Promise Community Homes provides a quality home and maintenance support while our partners provide staff and services to the residents.

The impact on functioning and ability to achieve developmental milestones depends on the type of developmental disability the person has. Remember, each person is unique and has different strengths, talents, and areas they need help with. This is true for all persons, including people who have a developmental disability. It is important to always remember to treat each person as a unique individual who has strengths, who is part of a family, and who can make a positive contribution to their family and community. Every person, regardless of having special needs, has the same physical and emotional needs that everyone else has.

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Upon purchase or building of a home, we renovate or modify for accessibility needs customized to the residents. And for the lifetime of the residents (and of the home), we provide high-quality and timely maintenance. Our Maintenance teams respond to ongoing calls, typically within 24 hours and techs are always on call for emergencies. We provide annual safety inspections, heating and cooling system checks and hot-water / HVAC safety checks. We pride ourselves on personal relationships with residents and support providers to assure that all housing needs are addressed.

Typically, we purchase three- to five-bedroom ranch-styles houses in safe and desirable residential neighborhoods. Homes are modified to meet the unique accessibility needs of the resident who calls our house their home.

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