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Answering “What’s Next?” takes an entire community of residents, partner agencies, neighbors, allies, advocates, maintenance technicians, and more.

Could you live on $52 a week?

Adults with disabilities live on a very modest monthly stipend. Most say it is inadequate to cover basic needs. An adult with IDD in St. Louis will receive an average of $783 a month via Supplemental Security Income for people with disabilities. Imagine renting a two-bedroom apartment and splitting the rent with a roommate. Today, an average two-bedroom apartment in St. Louis costs $1,150 per month. Even when splitting the rent, it would consume 73% of that SSI monthly income, leaving $52 a week for food, clothing, medicine, and utilities. Promise Community Homes is a nonprofit that keeps rents low through fundraising, allowing residents to live in safe, affordable, neighborhood homes, and providing all maintenance. That way, our residents can afford all the other things they need without having to worry about being priced out of their home.

Becoming a Resident

Promise Community Homes owns and maintains homes customized for adults with IDD. Please note that the qualification process and all supportive services are managed separately.


What does “community living” for people with developmental disabilities mean? This and other questions answered.

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Parents and caregivers tell us that they are always thinking, “what’s next?” and, “How will my loved one have a welcome place in the community for their lifetime?”

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Promise Community Homes is proud to collaborate with only the highest-quality support service provider agencies.

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Parents and caregivers of people with disabilities tell us that they are always thinking, “what’s next?”. “Where will my loved one live? Who will care for them? How can we plan safety and and a welcome place in the community for their lifetime?”

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We’re proud of our strong, decades-long reputation. We are committed to being the highest-quality housing partner to families, volunteers and service agencies.

Serving Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Community-integrated, lifelong homes

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Our homes are in neighborhoods all over St. Louis:

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